Do you feel like people look at you funny because your brows are... well... not all there?

Imagine waking up every morning to full, perfectly shaped brows. The kind that frame your eyes and give your face a lift. Without ever lifting a pencil to them again. Wouldn't that be fabulous?!

The right brows are like an instant facelift, opening up your eyes and giving you a fresher look. So it's no wonder you go to so much trouble to fill in bald spots or fight with pencils trying to create the right shape. But the bother of it!

We can give you the most flattering look, instantly! And you'll never have to hide your brows with your bangs again.

THANK YOU.... you are an artist!!! So VERY happy!!!
— Colleen (Microblading client)


Finally. Perfect brows. Feather-like strokes that look so real, even you'll forget they're not.

How it works

We use a hand-held tool to 'draw' on fine, crisp hair strokes by depositing a pigment into your skin. It's semi-permanent, so it lasts from one to three years. Get touch ups whenever you want.

What's involved

Besides of course absolutely LOVING your new brows!

The whole procedure only takes two hours.

  • we numb your brows to minimize discomfort
  • we pre-measure for perfection (you get to choose the shape and colour before we start)
  • we test colours for a perfect match
  • then we apply the strokes!

What to expect

In two hours, you'll have your new brows!

  • your brows will be a little itchy as the healing process takes place
  • they'll look darker at first but will fade quickly to your chosen colour
  • during the healing process, some of the pigment will be lost, so a touch up at four weeks is a must
  • the touch up is also a refining process where we perfect your shape and colour. This is when the magic happens and we create the look you'll keep for years to come!

You'll LOVE your new brows! 

Why choose us

  1. Our work speaks for itself! See our before and after gallery below...
  2. We're trained and certified by the best school in Canada (and trust me, I'm the most selective and fastidious person alive when choosing training; I was an instructor myself for years).
  3. We use the very best pigments available; they're created, blended, broken down and mixed to perfection, for safety of use and colour retention.
  4. Blissfully You is known for precision, perfection and impeccable hygiene practice. Ask our clients : )


Prefer to budget? Spread your payments out over three months...

This includes initial blading, plus your 4-6 week touch-up. (Yay!)

Payment Plan Details

  • $100 non-refundable deposit is paid at the time of your booking.
  • The remainder is divided into 3 equal payments of $138 starting with the first payment due on the day you have your micro blading procedure.
  • The remaining 2 are spread evenly over the next 2 months, automatically processed from your credit card on the same day each month.
  • You may have your 4-6 week touch-up during this time frame.
  • On your initial visit, you'll fill out an authorization form giving us consent for the payment plan, plus we'll take an imprint of your credit card.
  • Your information will be kept private and secure!
Thanks so much Leslie! You’re truly very talented and I feel so blessed to have met you and can’t wait to continue our journey together. You have a loyal client for life!
— Bal Chahal