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Lashes by Leslie

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Lashes by Sierra

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Lashes by Haylie

This is a Bliss Set


+ What happens during an eyelash extension application?

This procedure is safe, painless, and relaxing. You simply lie down and get wrapped up cozy. While looking up we apply anti-wrinkle patches to protect, smooth and brighten up your eye contour. Then you close your eyes and they remain closed and comfortable for the duration of the treatment.

We apply the extensions directly on your natural lashes without touching the skin; a single lash to your single lash. Your look will be radiant and glamorous.

+ What is the duration of a procedure, and how long will my extensions last?

A Bliss set takes 1.5 hours of actual application and creates a nice full set. This is the most popular set and the total appointment time is 2 hours long. The results are immediate and spectacular. You will enjoy longer and thicker eyelashes instantly!

Your natural lashes have a lifespan of sixty days. During that time there is a 3 phase cycle where some are shedding and some are newly growing in. Since your extension is attached to your natural lash, we recommended a touch up appointment every three weeks on average to maintain your desired fullness. A touch-up procedure is 30 or 45 minutes (1 hour total appointment time) and replaces the natural lashes you have lost, by adhering to your new growth.

It is recommended to perform your first touch-up within 2 weeks of your first application because of the rotation of all 3 phases of hair growth. We recommend not going past 3 weeks or they become too sparse and will require much more touch-up time. Remember that lashes fall out every 60 – 90 days and lashes are constantly growing.

+ Can wearing lashes cause allergies?

The only time would be if you are allergic to cyanoacrylates (adhesive) which is the glue, or medical tape. Sometimes in the spring or summer, clients will experience some slight irritations due to seasonal allergies.

We find that if you use antihistamines you will be fine. We also have an eyelash Cleanser and Shampoo for home care, designed specifically for your extensions. If you follow proper maintanance directions, this will greatly reduce any irritation you may develop.

+ What kind of Maintenance is required?

Your new set of lashes is expertly applied and gorgeous! Now you want to take good care of your investment, however, they need minimal care and will adapt to your lifestyle.

  • After the 2 hour polymerization period, they are resistant to water, tears, and perspiration, which means you can swim and do hot yoga, etc.

  • Do not use oil-based products, as in eye creams or make-up, or sun screen as this will weaken the adhesive.

  • All you have to do is brush them each morning, and after showering or sports with the eyelash brush provided. We also recommend using the Misencil home care products for cleaning, maintenance and protection.

+ I've have extensions before and they didn’t stay on, they fell off. Why?

Many factors are to be considered.

  • Quality of Products: We have the full comprehensive line of Misencil products which are exclusively developed for the care and maintenance of eyelash extensions. To optimize the lifespan of your permanent eyelashes, daily care is essential.

  • Quality of eyelashes: Never compromise on the quality of your lashes. We use silk, mink, or the micro-texture coated polyester which has better adhesion. Our eyelashes are applied one by one and stay in place perfectly.

  • Quality of Glue: Misencil's very high end water-resitstant glue features quick polymerizing and adhsevie qualities. This glue was exclusively developed for eyelash extensions. This type of glue is commonly used by health professionals to reconnect tissues as an alternative to sutures and for ophthalmic surgical procedures.

  • Quality of training: good training is crucial for best results. Our staff has the very best training, done one on one. They learned everything from hygiene & safety, to a very thorough step by step application process, & had lengthy practice on live models. Check out our lash application classes.

  • Quality of Your Application & procedure: We make sure that your lashes are clean and sanitized for optimal adhesion, then we make sure the eye pads are in perfect placement for your comfort, and to prevent eye watering. We make sure each lash is expertly applied so the bond is perfect along the entire hair shaft. We also make sure that none of the lash extensions are touching each other, or your eye lid line. If any of these stages are not done correctly, it will result in your lashes coming off.

+ Will wearing lashes damage my natural lashes?

No, wearing our lashes will never ever damage your natural lashes as the extensions are applied one lash to your natural lash, one at a time without ever touching your skin. The adhesive developed in a laboratory, is exclusively designed to be used for lash application. It is the same adhesive used in the hospital to glue skin together after a bad gash or wound.

+ Misencil speaks of permanent lashes, whereas other brands offer semi-permanent lashes. What is the difference between the two?

Just like your hair, eyelashes grow and fall out. In fact, we lose 1 to 3 eyelashes per day, and more as we age. This results in us losing approximately 63 lashes naturally between both eyes, in a 3 week period.

The term ‘semi-permanent’ refers to eyelash extensions that fall off your natural lashes before they fall out naturally.

If the eyelash extension stays perfectly in place during the entire lifespan of the natural lash (sixty days on average), and only falls out with the shedding of your lash, ‘permanent’ is the appropriate word to use.