BlissChic Membership: New updates March 1st 2018

Effective March 1st, there's some changes to our BlissChic Membership!.... It just got even better!
It's already been a year since we introduced our new BlissChic membership program. We created a way for you to easily stay 'blissfully you' with a membership that's full of perks and fits your budget! If you're already a BlissChic, then you know all about the great savings and ease of membership.

We're Listening

During this past year, we smoothed out the kinks of offering memberships. We got to explore the benefits to both of us as we listened to your thoughts, wants, and needs.

BlissChics are Delighted

We're hearing that your experience being a BlissChic is a very positive one! You're loving having banked money for ease at cash-out, and budgeting for the deluxe treatments you're skin is enjoying. Of course everyone loves receiving 10% off your favorite products. Getting your IPL hair removal at 50% off is especially nice!

We listen to what's important to you and moving forward we have some exciting new additions to being a member! Here they are:

  • On your annual anniversary you receive a FREE 45-minute lash touch-up, & if you don't wear lash extensions, you can try a 45 minute Discovery Set for FREE!

  • Receive 10% off Electrolysis packages of 10 sessions

  • Time for Teens: IPL Acne Spot Treatment for only $85....regular $95

  • New: Lavender Surrender Body Scrub & massage for only $85....regular $95

  • Receive 10% off any single IPL Photo-facial treatment

I've outlined a scenario below of how much money you'll save each year if you take advantage of the bare minimum that's offered to you.

Your Annual Savings

  • Welcome gift: $20

  • If you only purchased 4 products per year (one every 3 months), with the average product being around $60, you would save $24 with your 10% off.

  • If you have IPL Permanent hair reduction you are doing it once per month, that's 12 per year. The most inexpensive area is $50. A membership results in this only being $25 per month. You would be saving $25x12=$300 annual savings

  • If you had only 1 of each of the 3 Deluxe facials: 1 Micro-Needling, 1 Dermaplaning, & 1 Oxygen in the year, you would be saving $205

  • Your annual 45 minute lash touch-up is $85 for FREE, or a Lash Lift and Tint is $75 for FREE

  • 10% off the lowest amount of 10 sessions of Electrolysis is a $15 savings

  • Only 1 IPL Acne Spot Treatment in a year is a $10 savings (best to be done once per month)

  • 1 Lavender Surrender Body Scrub & massage is a $10 savings (how could you only have 1 in a whole year, they're so amazing!)

This is a grand total annual savings of $669! Now, I realize that some of you wouldn't be doing all of these things, so if we use only 50% of the savings, it's still a whopping $335....Keep in mind my scenario was at the absolute bottom level of all benefits, so you could easily have average annual savings of around $1300, $2000 & $2700 ( I doubled, tripled, and quadrupled the savings)

New Annual Fee

With all these wonderful benefits to you, the time has come that we need to implement an annual membership fee. Effective March 1st 2018 there will be a $75 fee for all new members and annual renewals. We hope you agree this is a very fair fee enabling you to continue enjoying all your perks.

For a full list of all member benefits and rules, please visit our membership page here.

We want you to be both beautiful and budget smart!







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We're asking you what YOU want!

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