New: BlissChic Membership

We understand that it’s not always easy to stay ‘blissfully you’, with all of life’s stresses and expenses. We all want to feel good, pretty, loveable, and empowered! So let's make it easy and affordable for you!

Check out our new BlissChic membership program!

Here’s how it works (it’s really simple):

  • Choose the amount that's right for you: $75, $100, $150, $200, $250 + per month
  • Fill out the required paperwork (I know, always the paperwork)

  • Monthly payment is automatically withdrawn from your credit card

  • At the end of your 12-month commitment, you can renew, change the amount, or cancel

  • Your money is banked each month and accumulates for you

  • Use your balance monthly or let it build up for something grand!

  • You never lose your credit, and there are no deadlines

Membership Perks. Here’s the really good stuff!

Being a BlissChic means lots of benefits for you! Here's what you get...

  • A Welcome gift (a special gift upon signing up)
  • 10% off all regular retail items (plus your 5% payback on your rewards card, how cool is that!) (*not applicable to other promotions)
  • IPL Permanent Hair Reduction for any area at ½ price… always!
  • Micro Needling Treatments for $225… regular $350 (ideally 4/year, 3 months apart)
  • Oxygen Facials for $130... regular $175
  • Dermaplaning Treatments for $125... regular $160
  • The Power of 3 Package (Microneedling, Dermaplaning and Oxygen Facial) for $399 (ideally 4/ year, a week apart)
  • 1 free 45 minute lash touch up each year!

Membership Rules (as with everything great, there's gotta' be rules)...

  • Our product return policy remains the same for BlissChics
  • If you no-show for your appointment, you'll lose it. We still require a minimum 24 hours cancellation notice please, and would prefer 48.
  • You're committed to a full 12 month term (unless there's an earth shattering reason for termination)
  • When having a treatment, if you go over your membership funds, you settle up, as there is no extended credit
  • Bonus! You can, however, let someone else use your membership as a gift (pretty sweet)!

NOTE: As a BlissChic member, you'll always receive the very best special pricing and discounts. (This new membership replaces all lash packages, plus the 2 for 1 IPL offer twice annually.)

BONUS: Use your BlissChic funds to buy a Loyalty Gift, which is: Buy a package of any 4 or more Deluxe Facials and get $100 worth of Free Skin Care. Really? Yes. You read that right. This purchase also adds to reaching your milestone, which gives you even more bonuses in the form of a Face Fit and product! It’s a huge win, win!

Besides the obvious perks, you’ll be able to enjoy more extravagant treatments without paying full price all at once. No pressure to fit in a treatment every month for fear of losing it  (like if you became ill or you travel a lot, or encounter some unforeseen obstacle, like having a baby (as Kerri pointed out).

You can enjoy using great skin care at a reduced price!

You never lose your balance!

It’s easy to get started! Just let us know and we’ll fill out the paperwork!

BlissChics are both beautiful and budget-smart : )