You're a very busy woman trying to find balance in your life between being a wife, mother, work, errands and running a household.

So taking the time out do the things that make you feel special, confident, and empowered is essential. Am I right?

That's what Blissfully You is for. It's about trusting me to take over because it's YOUR TURN.

Whether it's flawless skin or luscious lashes, when you feel taken care of, you feel empowered to do the things you love.

Do you hate having to apply mascara every day? Do you hate having to colour in your brows every morning? Wouldn't it be wonderful to get up and look in the mirror and see more youthful, dewy, line-free skin, long lush lashes, and flawless to yourself feeling good inside, and start your day!

I love putting that big smile on your face, and hearing you say that you feel wonderful and you love how you look.

You leave me with a full, happy heart and I know that you're going out into the world spreading an extra bit of joy!

Thanks so much Leslie! You’re truly very talented and I feel so blessed to have met you and can’t wait to continue our journey together. You have a loyal client for life!
— Bal Chahal (microblading client)

About Me

As a wife, and mother of two children, I understand how overwhelming life can be sometimes.

Juggling family responsibilities and running a business doesn't leave me much time for taking care of myself. But no matter how busy we are, we still want to look and feel our best.

How I got here

In 1987, my mom and I opened a Day Spa called Persona Skin Care, in Richmond, B.C. I was only 21 years old.

As an entrepreneur, it was exciting for me to own my first business, and despite many challenges, we quickly grew to a staff of nine. In 1995, after eight fantastic years, my parents' retirement to Salt Spring Island, which meant losing my business partner extraordinaire, triggered the decision to sell the spa.

From Managing a Spa to Managing a Classroom

I switched gears a little and started teaching the aesthetics program, first at Blanche McDonald, then later at Langley Beauty Academy, and then another downtown location. Teaching was very rewarding and kept me current on the newest trends. Teaching in Langley, I was part of a terrific team and helped expand the school over the next several years. 

Becoming a Mom

In 1999, I left the school when I gave birth to my first child, a baby boy.

My loyal Richmond clients found me in Ladner where we lived, and this eventually led to the conversion of our garage, into a studio where I grew a new aesthetics business called Pamper Bliss. During that time, my second child was born, this time a baby girl.

A Brand New Approach

I was losing interest in general aesthetics and decided to change my focus to more specialty skin care treatments. Medi-Spas were springing up everywhere and this really intrigued me! I recognized the demand and it was a perfect fit because I am so passionate about helping women maintain their youth and feel good about themselves.

I developed a new brand identity, and renamed my studio Blissfully You Skin Spa. My mantra is to help woman recognize their inner beauty and help them care for themselves enhancing their own natural beauty and becoming their own blissful person. I introduced new skin care products such as Dermalogica, and treatments such as IPL laser and Microdermabrasion. It was thrilling having the power to transform a womens' look and her whole outlook on life!

A Big Move

In 2011, we custom built a new home in Cloverdale, where we designed a larger skin spa with a separate reception / retail, and treatment room, and incorporated a new client relations management system. Even though we moved Blissfully You a driving distance of 35 minutes, we retained our clientele, and the new growth has been amazing!

In early 2012, after much research, I brought in the Misencil Permanent Eye Lash extensions. The demand became so great that I enlisted the help of Misencil lash technician, Nicky Davies in 2013, and in the summer of 2015, Marise Merrick, a Cidesco trained skin therapist with over 15 years’ experience in the spa industry, came aboard as my office manager and to also perform most treatments, including specializing in Micro -Needling Treatments, Dermaplaning, and Oxygen Facials. These last few additions have more than exceeded my hopes of fulfilling client's expectations... with dramatic, and life changing results!

I'm forever taking new courses and keeping up with the newest trends and technology, so in 2016, three of us took an intense training course in Brow Micro-blading! Since I love to be creative, artsy, have a very steady hand, and an eye for perfection, I'm loving this addition!

I've recently added more staff to fulfill the huge demand for eye lash extensions. We welcomed Haylie O'Rourke, who very successfully completed my own Lash Extension course and now has 2 years experience. In addition, (I've been silently waiting for this one to happen) my now 16 year old daughter, Sierra, who's been observing me work since she was 2, is taking my Lash Extension course and killing it! She's already started hands-on and is going to take over our 'teen' market! We'll offer student pricing for all of Sierra's lash clients.

In my sound-proofed studio, you can indulge in the latest treatments in the comfort and privacy of a residential home. We love what we do, and you'll love the results!

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Leslie has been a friend of mine since our teaching days in the nineties. She’s very conscientious and throws herself passionately into her work. If you’ve been looking to turn back the clock a little, or just plain feel better about yourself, hers is a service you can trust.

Leslie’s 29 years of professional experience and dedication to perfection are unsurpassed.

The combination of her real life experience with every different skin type, her ongoing training, and the latest equipment guarantees results.
— Shireen Bawnlavery